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Arclinea Project Division is organized into 3 References (Click Images Below):

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Project Division

Arclinea, as a leading manufacturer of prime-quality kitchens, puts itself forward as interlocutor for the interior design of multiple residential housing projects all over the world.

Whether it be in Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America or South America, Arclinea has acquired a reputation as a manufacturer of kitchens with outstanding quality and unparalleled appeal. Wherever exclusive living spaces are created for residential communities, Arclinea is the solution of choice.

Every kitchen design for a development reflects carefully design and planning to create a unique living experience for the homeowners. Arclinea’s goal is it to create a kitchen design which “goes beyond the ordinary” and therefore contributes to the success of every development.

Project Approach

10 ways you’ll get more than you expect:

1. Value that lasts Arclinea Project Division gives you the best price/quality/design ratio. Even so, it’s not hard to find cheaper furniture. But look beyond price. All things considered – quality, design, warranty, life-cycle costs, non-obsolescence – it’s hard to find a better value.

2. An extensive warranty Our 5-year warranty covers all standard kitchen furniture products for manufacturing defects. What’s included? Cabinetry, parts, electrical components, moving mechanisms.

3. Start-to-finish services Great products are just the start. Your Arclinea Project dealer can help with everything that goes into making your project & development work – design, installation, reconfiguration.

4. Fast delivery The lead time for our complete standard cabinet offering is just 30 days (*) or less. Need it even faster? You can get many of our most popular products in 25 days (*) or less – with no quickship surcharges.

5. Worldwide capabilities You as an Architectural Firm, Developer or Builder might do business nationwide or all over the world. So does Arclinea

6. You have options Can’t find exactly what you need in our standard cabinet offering? No problem. Our Arclinea Project Division will make whatever you want – just say the word

7. It’s good to be green Arclinea cabinetry & furniture isn’t just good for your project – it’s good for the environment. One example: all the constructive parts of Arclinea cabinetry are E1 class for formaldehyde emission (low emission of less than 6.5 mg HCOH/100g). What’s more, our Energy Regeneration Plant turns production waste and fall-out into fuel/energy.

8. Satisfaction guaranteed Got a question? Call our Arclinea Project specialist dealer. They work exclusively with clients like you, so you’ll get fast answers, not the runaround

9. Vanity room and closet space, too Need to furnish a vanity room or closet space? With Arclinea, you only need one vendor to outfit kitchen, vanity room and closet areas. Another bonus: our Arclinea Project dealers – all with architectural background – can help plan & design your space.

10. You’ll get a great kitchen to work & live Sure, we make kitchen cabinets & furniture, but our real business is creating great kitchen places to work & live. And we can’t wait to make yours one of them.

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